Signed 'A Christmas Carol - Extended Version' Purple Vinyl, only 50 available!

Signed 'A Christmas Carol - Extended Version' Purple Vinyl, only 50 available!

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A signed copy by all members of the new extended version of "A Christmas Carol"!

The extended version of MAJESTICA's "A Christmas Carol" will be released as purple LP in a sleeve incl. 2 bonus tracks.

Shipping the 12th of Nov.

"When we released "A Christmas Carol" last year it was a dream come true to finally release a real Christmas album.

But it was not available on vinyl, and we felt we had a bit more to give to complete the story.

So now we have added two new songs to the story where we get to know more of Scrooge's hate for Christmas and also how scared such a powerful man can get when believing his judgment day is dawning.

With these two new songs we now have "A Christmas Carol - Extended Version”, which completes the story of Scrooge and his Christmas ghosts.

The first single "Glory of Christmas" is heavier than the previous songs, but the Christmas feeling hasn't gone anywhere and it has one of the strongest choruses on the album.

And "A Christmas Carol - Extended Version" will be available on vinyl, which is something a lot of people have asked for, so we're happy we can add another Christmas present to you all this year.

During the upcoming tour in December people will hear the entire album from beginning till the end with the new songs!”

Track list
Side A
1. A Christmas Carol
2. A Christmas Story
3. Glory Of Christmas
4. Ghost Of Marley
5. Ghost Of Christmas Past